My Story

I went to the fair in Owatonna, As we walked into the Four Season building to check out all the booths they had I could smell this amazing scent that just filtered the air.I knew right then I had to have it and search for the booth.When I found it ,I had to have it so I bought one for my daughter and me.I was hooked the scents are amazing as it releases the scent in the air.I went back to Owatonna to buy more scents but I found someone new at the booth after talking with her,I decided to sign up to sell it myself. I never knew that candles got to 1850 degrees,the warmer uses a light bulb only gets to 125 degrees, Wow what a difference plus you can even touch the wax!! We all know that kids are curious to touch or knock things over but with this I didn't have to worry about them getting burned by wax or thinking how am I going to clean this up. I earned all 3 incentive warmers last summer along with a $50.00 dollar credit and being in the top 5000 consultants!! What a honor that was to be included!! If you are reading my story and think wow I could use some extra money, I hope that you will consider joining my team!!!!!!!!!!!!Or maybe youo would just like to book a party,I offer home,baskets,online Parties!!! Funraiser's are available also!!                                                                                          Lisa Olson                                                                                    Buy,Sell,Join Today!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                          <!--endbody-->